Companies in the Group

The Třinecké železárny – Moravia Steel Group comprises many companies that are a part of the product chain of Třinecké železárny and provide services not only within the Group. The following list includes a brief description and contact information of the major subsidiaries of the Třinecké železárny – Moravia Steel Group.

Energetika Třinec icon


Průmyslová 1024, Staré Město
739 61 Třinec
Czech Republic

The company is an energy facility supplying a full range of energy and energy services to its customers. It supplies electricity; process steam; heat; fuel gas; compressed and blast air; and process, service and drinking water to Třinecké železárny and other companies as well as a communal sphere in the Třinec Region. It operates wastewater treatment plants and a sewerage system. The company put a 110 kV line from Poland into service to strengthen its position in the electricity market. In the environmental sphere, the company introduced a control system according to the ISO 14001 standard.

Strojírny Třinec icon

Strojírny a stavby Třinec, a.s.

Průmyslová 1038, Staré město
739 61 Třinec
Czech Republic

The company Strojírny a stavby Třinec, a.s. that was established in 2013 by the connection of two subsidiaries, i.e. Strojírny Třinec, a.s., and D5 a.s, has a long-term tradition dated back since 1885. It is aimed at the production of machinery-technological structures, single-purpose machinery facilities, technological weldments, machinery and spare parts, steel welded constructions including bridges, production and renovation of metallurgical rolls and main metallurgical aggregates as a part of machinery, electric and construction works. Also, the company ensures the complex provision of repairs of metallurgical aggregates, e.g. mechanical, electrical and construction works. It has own design and construction division that enables to offer its production capacities to the other customers in the Czech Republic.

Slévárny Třinec icon

Slévárny Třinec, a.s.

Průmyslová 1001, Staré Město
739 61 Třinec
Czech Republic

The company draws on a 170-year tradition in the foundry industry in Třinecké železárny. Its key business activity is the production and sales of castings of steel, grey iron and to a lesser extent also non-ferrous metals. In recent years, the product portfolio has evolved into a range of products dedicated to the steel industry, construction machines, mining, machinery, and automotive industry. The strategy of the company focuses on the sales of its products outside the TŽ - MS Group. The foundry has introduced a quality control system according to ISO 9001 and an environmental control system according to ISO 14001.

Řetězárna icon

Řetězárna a.s.

Polská 48
790 81 Česká Ves
Czech Republic

The company is based in Česká Ves u Jeseníku and is the manufacturer of a wide assortment of wire chains and rods produced mainly in Třinecké železárny. Its production range consists of an extensive assortment of chain lengths for various applications, snow chains for trucks and cars, and also protective and engagement chains. The company responds to changes in market needs with new products, e.g. fishing chains, cage-draw bars and lugs and substitute elements. The company is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Refrasil icon

REFRASIL, s.r.o.

Průmyslová 720, Konská
739 61 Třinec
Czech Republic

The company focuses on the production of refractory materials for the lining of metallurgical facilities and the production of building refractory materials and substances. The decline in consumption of refractory materials in the domestic market has been offset by the introduction of new progressive types of refractory materials such as refractory concrete, refractory concrete precast units, special substances and insulation materials. The international prestige of the company has increased with its admission to the European Association of Refractory Material Manufacturers. The company has implemented a quality control system according to ISO 9001.

VÚHŽ icon

VÚHŽ a.s.

č. p. 240
739 51 Dobrá
Czech Republic

The VUHZ Company (abbr. for the Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy) is a traditional supplier to automotive industry, metallurgy and engineering. It produces automation technology and secondary metallurgy equipment. Part of the firm is also a rolling mill of special sections, designed especially for the automotive industry, centrifugal and special castings foundry, machine-works aimed at piece production and a plant which coats tools and moulds. It has its own research and development, laboratories and testing rooms. It has been certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VDA 6.1.


Sroubarna Kyjov icon

Šroubárna Kyjov, spol. s r.o.

Jiráskova 987/50
697 01 Kyjov
Czech Republic

Šroubárna Kyjov produces fasteners, such as screws, nuts, special fastening materials and forgings of a similar type. The company uses highly specialized machinery, which ensures efficient production by hot forging and product final treatment. Special automatic forging machinery is used for the hot forging process. These production lines make it possible to produce forgings made of steel wire and steel bars, using induction middle frequency heating. Threads are produced in a cold method by cutting or rolling, either external or internal, or in a hot method using special machinery of its own construction.

Due to portfolio expansion, the company has improved its production technology by purchasing new machinery for forging and annealing bearing ring forgings.

The main production portfolio consists of railway fasteners, which are exported into many countries worldwide.

Hanácké Pérovny icon

HŽP a.s.

Dolní 3137/100
796 01 Prostějov
Czech Republic

Spring production was established in Prostějov in 1950 and the Hanácké železárny a pérovny, a.s. emerged in 1994. The production of undercarriage springs for the railway and automotive industries has a long tradition here. The product portfolio of the company consists of hot rolled undercarriage springs, which are used in the automotive and railway industries. The main products are screw springs, leaf and parabolic springs. The company produces approximately 15,000 tons of various types of springs made from round and flat steel annually. More than 80% of the production is designed for export, particularly to EU countries. Global companies as Scania, Volvo, Iveco, Alstom and Bombardier are among our biggest customers. Most of the deliveries follow strict rules of the automotive field, i.e. supply accuracy in JIT (just-in-time) mode. Of course, the certification of the company is in accordance with the standards of ISO TS 16949 of the automotive industry and ISO 14001.

The company also gained the prestigious DB and SNCF Certficates of the railway industry which give our customers the assurance of highest quality.

In recent years, the dynamic growth of the company is supported by the implementation of production process management according to the “lean production” methodology. Thanks to this implementation as well as aiming at high-quality products and supporting services the company desires to achieve process proficiency and long-term growth. Investments in sophisticated technologies are essential for reaching increased growth of productivity and quality. The main key to future success is qualified and motivated staff; that is why the company has continuously invested in staff training at all levels.

VIVA Zlín forge icon

Kovárna VIVA a.s.

Vavrečkova 5333
760 01 Zlín
Czech Republic

VIVA is a prominent Czech industrial forging company. Its specialization is the production of closed die forgings from alloyed, microalloyed and carbon steel. The products gravimetric interval lies between 0.10-20.00 kg. It provides a complex production schedule for drop forgings for its customers, prominent EU producers, from the forging construction proposal up to its final treatment, i.e. heat treatment, forgings machining, surface treatment – staining, zinc and nickel coating and logistic services.

VIVA produces a wide range of closed die forgings at a good performance ratio. Its forgings are manufactured with high precision, complex geometry, in small and large series and from standardized and special materials. They are used for example in automobiles (gear-boxes, undercarriage tools) in hydraulics, agriculture, etc. The company produces also so called “security parts”. The whole production process is thoroughly controlled according to TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

Metalurgia Radomsko icon


ul. Świętej Rozalii 10/12
97 - 500 Radomsko

The company METALURGIA S.A. with its headquarters in Radomsko produces drawn wire which is further treated by galvanizing and pickling. The product portfolio is mainly aimed at the production of nails.

D&D Drótáru icon

"D&D" Drótáru Zrt.

Sajószigeti utca 4
3527 Miskolc

The key product portfolio of the “D&D” Drótáru Zrt. company, which employs 150 people and is headquartered in Miskolc, consist of cold drawn wire, stabilized pre-stressing wires, stabilized pre-stressing strands used mainly in the building and mining industries, as well as steel fibres for use in concrete floors.

ŽDB Drátovna icon


Jeremenkova 66, Pudlov
735 51 Bohumín

ŽDB DRÁTOVNA, a.s. covers production units - unpatented wire drawing plant (low carbon), patented wire drawing plant (high carbon), steel cord, wire rope, spring and wire mesh production.

Bohemia Rings icon


Zámrsk 10
565 43 Zámrsk

Under the brand of three hammers in a circle, Bohemia Rings produces components for precision engineering, especially for the wind power sector, which is currently a rapidly growing branch. Typical products include, for example, hot-rolled bearing rings, submarine flanges, water jets, space rocket shells, and special CT tunnel components regarding healthcare.

Imopra iconImopra s.r.o.

U Dvora 217
687 51 Nivnice

Imopra is mainly engaged in the production and precision machining of duralumin air conditioning components for the automotive industry, precision machining of extrusions and castings from duralumin alloys, cast iron and various types of steel, machining of plastics, production of prototype parts and serial production of parts for the aerospace industry, as well as the design, construction and production of special fixtures for CNC machining centres.

MSV Metal icon

MSV Metal Studénka, a.s.

R. Tomáška 859
742 13 Studénka

MSV Metal provides its customers with a comprehensive range of couplings and spare parts for passenger and freight railcars, which account for more than 70% of deliveries. Other sectors to which it supplies its products include the automotive, agricultural and energy industries.

Ekostrojírenství icon


Revoluční 767/25, Staré Město
110 00 Praha

EKOSTROJÍRENSTVÍ TŘINEC focuses on the Czech and foreign market in the field of design, production and construction of mechanical and electrical machinery and equipment for surface mining and storage of minerals. We also provide supply and engineering activities in the renovation and construction of new facilities in the field of coal mining and energy by-products and expert activities and consulting in the field of surface mining technologies. These include studies and projects for new wheel excavators, refurbishment and upgrading of conveyor belts and landfill management equipment.

Vesuvius icon


Průmyslová 726, Konská
739 61 Třinec

The main activity of the VESUVIUS ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA company is the production, sale and technical support to customers with a focus on isostatic pressed ceramics designed for the regulation and protection of the flow of steel in the process of continuous steel casting in steelworks.

ENEZA, s.r.o.

Průmyslová 1021
739 61 Třinec – Staré Město

The main objective of the company is to ensure complex services in the fields of power engineering, metallurgy and mechanical engineering.